VIDEO David Lynch: Trump Will Go Down History for Destroying The New World Order.

By BREAKING NEWS - April 30, 2021


President Donald Trump, according to famous American film producer David Lynch, could go down in history as one of the "best presidents ever" for destroying the hidden government and the New World Order. According to the creator of "Twin Peaks," the New World Order scheme will never be ready for Trump's fervor again, and they are currently cornered like "scared children." "He could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history because he has upended the system so much," Lynch said in a private meeting with the guardian, referring to the New World. "No one can intelligently counter this guy."


He voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary, and he believes — he doesn't know — that he cast a Libertarian ballot in the presidential election. "I'm not much of a political person, but I do enjoy having the freedom to do what you want," says the battered Californian smoker. He has reservations about Donald Trump. "Because he has upended the system so much, he might go down as one of the greatest leaders in history." Nobody can think of a clever way to counter this guy."

Though Trump may not be performing admirably himself, Lynch believes he is creating space for various pariahs to flourish.
"Our ostensible forefathers are incapable of moving the country forward or completing any mission. 
They are as children. Any of this has been illustrated by Trump." READ MORE: Obama's Speech at Bilderberg: 'The United States Must Surrender To the New World Order' Geroge Soros recently expressed his disappointment that "anything that might turn out badly has turned out badly," alluding to President Donald Trump's hasty demise of the New World Order.

Since he failed to predict Trump's brilliant rise, the extremely wealthy globalist who funded countless Color Revolutions around the world told the Washington Post that he was "living in [his] claim bubble."Soros expressed concerns that Trump "wishes to annihilate the earth" and vowed to "increase [his] activities" by pouring a huge sum of money into o limiting all that Trump represents all over the world.  

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