VIDEO Barack Obama Is the Greatest President of Our Lifetime, Say 44% of Americans

By BREAKING NEWS - April 30, 2021


President Barack Obama may have left the White House a year and a half ago, but he is far from forgotten.
According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, Americans regard him so fondly that he is now regarded as the “great” president of the new year.


According to the survey, which asked the open-ended question, "which president has executed the best method for the duration of your lifetime?" 44% of respondents consider Obama to be the best or second-best president they've ever seen.  
With 33 percent of the vote, Obama is closely followed by Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, who both have 32 percent. Meanwhile, president Trump has been voted first or second best by 19 percent of voters, despite the fact that he is just halfway through his term. Despite this, Trump landed in the same place as Obama at a similar point in his presidency. Obama was regarded as one of the great presidents by 20% of respondents in his second year in office.  
That broad range has now more than doubled (perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder), with a majority of respondents rating Obama as the most favorable president of all time. Unsurprisingly, a large portion of this assistance comes from more youthful people and Democrats.

Millennials, who have only lived to see a handful of presidents, were the most likely to name Barack Obama as the best president, with 62 percent seeing him as one of the best and 46 percent naming him as the pinnacle. Older generations, on the other hand, were more likely to think of Ronald Reagan as a great commander-in-chief, with 45 percent of Gen Xers calling him as such.and nearly 41% and 39% named Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, respectively.
Seventy-one percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents rank Obama as the best president, with fifty-one percent declaring him the best president and 20 percent naming him the second best. Republicans are more likely to support Reagan, but their excitement isn't as high, with 57 percent ranking him among the top ten candidates.
In a sign of the country's rising partisanship, 40 percent of republicans consider Trump to be one of the greatest presidents of all time, compared to just 3 percent of Democrats.
Between June 5 and 12, a total of 2,002 adults were surveyed.   

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